The Lewis Central Education Foundation offers five $1000 scholarships per year to graduating students.

● Four of these scholarships will go to students continuing their education at a 2- or 4-year college.
● One scholarship will go to a student attending Career and Technical school or

Naming Scholarships

The Lewis Central Education Foundation assists with the administration of “naming” scholarships.

The following naming scholarships are available for graduating students:


Lewis Central educators, Bob (counselor and 1996 LC Hall of Fame Inductee) and Dee Humphrey (3rd grade teacher) served the LC community for close to 40 years. The memorial scholarship (one of the first for the Foundation that began in 1995) was established in order to recognize student extra-curricular leaders and community volunteers in the top 50% of their class with at least a 3.0 GPA.  By all accounts, many people share that there wasn’t anyone that Bob Humphrey didn’t know – he was that kind of counselor – he truly knew ABOUT students, and not just their grades. He wanted to help everyone to be successful and find their passion, as did his wife Dee.  The Bob and Dee Humphrey scholarship is dedicated to continuing their legacy for LC students.

Diane Wiese Clark Scholarship

Ms. Wiese-Clark is a ’73 Alum. This award targets a graduate who has proven to be successful in the classroom and is entering the field of business administration.

James Fuller & Larry Wilwerding Wrestling Scholarship

Donated annually to a wrestler who exemplifies the spirit of the sport: hard work, dedication, commitment, and character.

Zella Duchman Memorial Scholarship

Zella worked as a bookkeeper at LC for years. In honor of her 90th birthday her friends and family donated money to launch this award.

Steve Clark Scholarship

Mr. Clark is a ’73 Alum. The recipient must show leadership traits in the school and community and be entering the field of engineering.

Kevin Reedy Memorial Scholarship

Kevin graduated in 2001. He died suddenly from a heart condition the same year. His family wants to help make is dream to attend college a reality for another LC alum.

LeRoy Brown Scholarship

Mr. Brown was a strong supporter of education. His trust money is given to students who have worked hard to be successful in the classroom and have a plan for their future.

Susan and Ron Stazzoni Scholarship

Mr. Stazzoni is an ’81 alum and is a product of the trades. To help prevent trades being overlooked as an option for graduates he created, along with his wife, this award.

Margaret Kilibarda Memorial Scholarship

The Margaret Kilibarda scholarship is provided in honor of Marg’s life-time commitment to and love of teaching and learning.

Lewis Central Education Foundation Scholarship
Jordan Petersen- all around academic success
Josey Neigbhors- CTE
Jocelyn LeMaster- first generation college student
Colton Elder- overcame personal obstacles during school career
Amara Orth- outstanding achievement

Bob and Dee Humphrey Memorial Scholarship
Brooks Mullenix
Gabriela Ceballos
Lily Jensen
Madeline Nuzum
Walter Doty

Steve Clark Scholarship
Blake Cyboron

Diane Wiese Clark Scholarship
Callie Williams

Kevin Reedy Scholarship
Haley Wilkins

Zella Duchman Scholarship
Payton Vander Woude

James Fuller & Larry Wilwerding Wrestling Scholarship
Dillon Woods

Susan and Ron Stazzoni Scholarship
Adam Miller

Margaret Kilibarda Scholarship
Kelsey Paul
Ethen Fishell

Evan Edwards Memorial Scholarship
Colton Costello
Easton Adams
Will Devine

Sailor Lawrence Memorial Scholarship
Camryn Strahm
Kaitlyn Brandenburg